Spotlight is a monthly feature, highlighting the work of a woman rocking the world on behalf of other women, as well as the way in which she personally navigates  the difficult but essential work of operating from a place of raw vulnerability and empathy while still caring for her own well being.

Introduction: Maria

Maria Atkinson :: Founder of Jasper House Haiti, a transitional program that aims to bring restoration, healing and empowerment to young women in Haiti who have fallen prey to prostitution, human trafficking, and sexual abuse.

May 2017: Mumumansion

Y’all. I’ve been following Melinda Alexander on Insta (@mumumansion) for maybe about a year now, and she is one of exactly three people that I have turned on post notifications for. I don’t want to miss out on anything this woman has to say. She has no idea I exist, but daily her wisdom, her … Continue reading May 2017: Mumumansion