May 2017: Mumumansion

Y’all. I’ve been following Melinda Alexander on Insta (@mumumansion) for maybe about a year now, and she is one of exactly three people that I have turned on post notifications for. I don’t want to miss out on anything this woman has to say.
She has no idea I exist, but daily her wisdom, her vulnerability and all around bass-assness keeps me encouraged. She is a single mom, entrepreneur, Buddist, feminist, social justice warrior, and ethical fashionista. In otherwords, a Queen with a capital Q.
Its for people like her and times like this that I am so grateful for social media and the force for good it can be in this world.
Check out her site by clicking on the photo below:
This month, on her Insta page she spoke out about a grassroots movement called #mamasbailout, and I  just have to share it with you all. Its all about reunitng mamas and babies for mother’s day. Its also about liberation.
Her words say it perfectly. Read the caption in full:

I will spend Mother’s Day with my son. But hundreds of thousands of mothers behind bars will not. Eight in ten incarcerated women are mothers and nearly half are in local jails, locked in cages for crimes they have not been convicted of. Most of the women in jail are accused of minor drug and ‘quality of life’ offenses and are languishing in cells simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. In addition to the over $9 billion wasted to incarcerate people who have been convicted of no crime, pre-trial incarceration has catastrophic impacts on families and communities. Even a few days in jail can ruin a woman’s life. She may lose her job, her family may lose their housing and some even lose their children. We can buy their freedom and push against mass criminalization and modern bondage. There is a national effort this year from many grassroots organizations called #mamasbailout. They are raising as much money between now and Mother’s Day for bail money to reunite these women with their children. Please go to their website,, watch the moving video, donate what you can (at bottom of page) and consider sharing on your own social media outlets. Also feel free to tag a mama here who might support the cause. Lastly, I am also donating 30% of my profits from advice calls booked THIS WEEK– so if you’ve been wanting to book a call, this is a good time to do it. #payitforward (call may take place anytime but must be purchased before Mother’s Day to qualify. Link in bio). “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different than my own.”-Audre Lorde. (text via website, photo by @melaniewillettphotography) #freethemamas

A post shared by Melinda Alexander (@mumumansion) on May 7, 2017 at 9:19pm PDT


 One week to get involved~ I’m in, you?
Let’s do it.
With her heart,

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