Lessons I Have Learned from My Dogs


I honestly do not understand how people exist without dogs. My dogs, Fred and George, mean so much to me. They have taught me responsibility and how to put someone else’s (or a dog’s) needs above my own. They have also taught me how to have fun and live life to the fullest. Here are some of the lessons I have learned from my dogs.


Be passionate. Go after what you want. My dog George is pretty chill. He mostly just lays around. But when he decides he wants something, like snuggles or to lick your face, he really goes for it. He will run from across the room and jump up onto your legs and strain with all his might to lick your face. That’s how I want to go after things. I want to set my sights on writing a book and building a house and working from home and then I want to run full speed towards those dreams, jump up, and strain to accomplish them with everything in me.

My dog Fred is also passionate but in a more relentless way. Fred loves to be outside, particularly in the front yard where he can sit at the gate and watch people and chickens and motorcycles and other dogs go by. He likes to be in the front yard so much that he will sit at the front door and cry for HOURS hoping I will open the door. The boy is relentless! He wants to go in the front yard! And he’s not giving up! I want to be relentless in the pursuit of what I want. I want to be persistent! Nevertheless, she persisted, right? I want to keep crying about the injustices of the world and the fact that cops keeping shooting black guys and lunatics keep using guns to kill people and teenagers are getting bullied to death even if nobody is paying attention and nothing is changing. Because eventually Fred wears me down and I open the door so he can go out to the front yard and watch people and animals go by. And eventually, we will wear down the injustices of the world.


Our bodies are different but good. Fred and George have access to the exact same amount of the exact same food. Even when I give them the crusts of my toast I give them as equal as possible pieces. They have the same access to exercise and the same access to rest. Yet Fred is tall and skinny and George is short and chunky. Because they just are! They’re different! Fred likes to jump up and down and George prefers to sleep. They eat when they are hungry and play when they want and sleep when they want and their bodies reflect that but they also reflect their DNA. Their bodies look different but they’re both adorable and great and awesome and so am I and so are you.


Do what you want. If George wants to sleep, boy is gonna sleep. If Fred wants to play, he is going to bring you a toy and drop it in your lap to play with him. They aren’t ashamed or afraid to do what they want to do. If you want to sleep, take a nap! If you want to play, ask someone to play with you! You are the boss of your life. Do what you want.


Get pumped. Fred and George, especially Fred, get really excited about the smallest of things. Every morning I wake up and one of the first things I do is open the back door so that the dogs can go out to pee. Fred gets so excited for this opening of the door that happens every morning. He literally jumps up and down at the back door as I cross the kitchen because he cannot wait to get out there and greet the day. I want to get pumped about things like that. I want to get excited about greeting the day! I want to jump and down at something simple and wonderful like going for a walk or eating a treat or opening the door to a new day. 


By Suzanne M. Seidel (Check out her updated bio 😉 )


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